We can preload your USB Flash Drive with any kind of data, whether it’s to supply important information to customers or promote and market your business.

Here are some things you can do with a USB Flash Drive:
• Create new product or service awareness
• Get distributors or customers to take notice
• Create dynamic content for tradeshows and events
• Compliment the immediate impact of print material with more robust digital content
• Create a digital business card giving you the ability to share a little more about your business than just your contact information
• Create a unique invitation to an event such as a wedding
• Save money and go green with less paper – convert handbooks, manuals, training materials
• Create Press Kits – get your story noticed by the media in a cost effective way to Make You Stand Out and Be Remembered.

The following are some examples of content files we have loaded in the past:
• PowerPoint presentations
• Product catalogues
• PDF brochures
• Pictures
• Software
• Company websites
• Videos
• Electronic Vouchers

Our Preload services helps you save you time and the hassle out of uploading files to your USB.

This is a secure and confidential in-house service which takes the time and hassle out of loading data.